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PlatformCon 2024 Recap: Watch the Syntassians Speak!

The Syntasso team have enjoyed participating in PlatformCon London Live and the online event this week! We'll share more of our thoughts and takeaways, but for now, here is a list of our talk recordings from PlatformCon 2024.

20 Years' Platform Engineering, 10 Years' Platform as a Product, 5 Lessons Learned

Colin Humphreys has broken everything that can be broken on multiple occasions when it comes to platform engineering. Let's talk about how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Your Backstage needs a Platform

Backstage simplifies developer portals with plugins and UI. Yet, it's not ideal as a platform. Listen to Derik Evangelista explore how Kratix offers durability and Backstage integration for resilient platforms.

Switch Your Internal Platform to Multi-Player Mode

Is your internal platform meeting the expectations of your business? Are you looking to increase the value that your platform offers? This talk from Paula Kennedy will offer suggestions on how inner sourcing can help.

Platform Orchestrators: The Missing Middle of Internal Developer Platforms?

We often talk about needing a Kubernetes “platform,” but should we all be building our own platform as a service (PaaS)? Join Daniel Bryant to learn more about Platform Orchestrators and explore the build, buy, and borrow tradeoffs.

The power of a Brownfield Mindset when building your Platforms

Platforms often evolve from recognizing inefficiencies in existing systems. In this talk, Cat Morris challenges the greenfield approach and shares techniques for building successful brownfield platforms.

Building a Platform Maturity Model

During this talk, Abby Bangser shares stories from the CNCF Platforms Working Group and how we built a maturity model to support companies of all shapes and sizes.

Please keep the questions coming!

We hope you enjoyed our contribution to PlatformCon. Over the next few weeks, we will be busy catching up on all the other amazing talk recordings. We plan to share more of our key takeaways, too.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out and ask any questions. You can find us in the Kratix OSS Slack.

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