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We're hiring!

Image by Bianca Ackermann

Software Engineer (All Levels)

Unlock the Future of Platform Engineering with Us


At Syntasso we're driven by a shared mission: to empower platform engineering teams to thrive. By 2026, Gartner predicts that 80% of software engineering organisations will establish platform engineering teams, and we're at the forefront of this transformation.

Why Syntasso Matters:

  • While many products serve platform engineering, we identified a market gap for enabling true success. This drove us to develop Kratix, a powerful product-led framework for building and managing platforms. 

  • Kratix is rapidly becoming the preferred tool for Platform Teams. Join us to be part of our dynamic growth and contribute to an innovative open-source framework in a rapidly evolving industry.

  • We recognise the Value of Diversity: We're proud to foster an environment where diversity is celebrated, and discrimination is not tolerated. We welcome everyone, regardless of their background, and value the unique perspectives and experiences each individual brings.

  • You Belong Here: We encourage all talented individuals to apply, and we understand that sometimes hesitation arises when considering a new opportunity. Don't hesitate! Your unique perspective is a valuable asset to us, and we'd love to hear from you.

Why Joining Syntasso Matters for Your Career:

By joining us, you'll become a pivotal part of our innovative journey, shaping the future of Kratix, our platform-building framework. Your role will involve close collaboration with Syntasso customers, giving you invaluable insights into their experiences and ensuring seamless Kratix adoption. You'll also have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the Platform Engineering community in your unique way—whether it's through insightful blogs, prestigious conference speaking engagements, or active engagement with fellow professionals.

Qualifications for Success at Syntasso:

  • Navigate Complex Systems: Proven ability to navigate complex distributed systems through relevant work experience.

  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in programming languages such as Javascript, Ruby, Rust, Python, or Golang. 

  • We value a strong desire to learn. While experience with Golang, public clouds, Kubernetes (k8s), and other complex technologies is a plus, it's not required from day one. What matters most is your enthusiasm to acquire new skills and grow with us.

  • Platform Expertise: Hands-on experience in crafting and managing platforms using tools like Kubernetes, public cloud services, CNCF technologies, or the HashiCorp stack.

  • Open-Source Passion: A passion for, or prior involvement with, open-source software projects.

  • Dynamic Learning: Enthusiasm for working in a dynamic and learning-driven environment, even when faced with ambiguity.

  • Right to work in the UK and the flexibility to commute to our London office on a regular basis.


What Awaits You at Syntasso:

  • Shape the Future: Opportunity to influence influential product-driven, open-source software solutions that are rapidly gaining traction.

  • Learn from the Best: Collaborate closely with industry leaders in the platform engineering domain, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience.

  • Join the Kratix team and contribute to an Exciting, thriving open-source software project

  • Experienced Leadership: Join a startup led by a seasoned leadership team with a successful track record in building and exiting startups in the platform sector, as well as holding senior leadership roles at renowned technology organisations.

  • Industry Insights: Elevate your expertise by learning from some of the industry's most esteemed conference speakers and organisers, including those behind events like DevOps Day, Kubernetes Community Days, and FastFlow Conf.

Additional Highlights:

  • Financial Stability: We're a well-funded startup with a secure multi-year runway for stability and growth.

  • Competitive Compensation: Enjoy a competitive salary package along with early-stage equity options.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Embrace a hybrid working model that supports remote work while valuing in-person collaboration. Our office is conveniently located near London Bridge in the Leathermarket.

  • Thoughtful Interview Process: Our interview process is designed to be inclusive and thorough, comprising several stages including an initial screening with our co-founder and VP of Engineering, a remote coding exercise, an in-person session with architecture discussions and pairing exercises, and a final cultural conversation with one of our founders.

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