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Become a Kratix Design Partner

If you look around

the Syntasso website or read enough about Kratix, you will soon find out that we are looking for a few early-stage design partners to help us shape Kratix in the best way we can. We want to ensure no time or effort is wasted building functionality in Kratix that’s not valuable for our users.

As a Kratix design partner, you are an early user that works closely with us so we can learn with you. This partnership means our team of experienced platform engineers will be dedicated to making your platform successful with Kratix. You can help us tailor Kratix to the pressing needs of your organisation while, at the same time, we help you build your platform with it. We will give our time, energy, and enthusiasm towards making your platform successful in your organisation.

Is this a good opportunity for you?

We know our best collaboration comes from partners that have:

An urgent problem

You have something that needs fixing or improvements, and you need it sooner rather than later. You may have tried a few tools, or maybe it’s the third time you’re facing a similar platform problem. You may even have a duck-taped solution that is giving you breathing room while you ponder on the next steps.

For product compatibility, you'd be using Kubernetes to provide services of any kind to more than one application development team.

Willingness to collaborate

By definition, a partnership is a collaboration between parts looking to advance their mutual interests. Kratix is still rough around the edges, and features you need may not be available yet. You are willing to speak your mind and share the direction you’d like to take your platform (and Kratix).

Kratix has already evolved from user feedback

In the past few months, a lot has happened with Kratix. We:

All of these features got scoped, prioritised and delivered through feedback we received from our users. We sat down with users to hear about the problems they have with their platforms, which meant we could more confidently focus our efforts on the missing elements of functionality because we knew what would be most valuable.

Becoming a Kratix design partner would mean the needs you have would rank very high on the list of things we focus on.

Get in touch!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Kratix design partner, please get in touch. In case you want to pass the word around your org, we have a dedicated page on Becoming a Kratix Design Partner with a summary of what it’s all about.

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