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About Us

Syntasso's mission is to help Platform teams thrive. We create Kratix for that reason. With decades of combined experience under our belts, we've witnessed the challenges and triumphs of platform development firsthand.

We understand the complexities of platform engineering, and we're dedicated to providing unparalleled support every step of the way. Whether you're embarking on your first platform project or seeking to optimize your existing infrastructure, Syntasso is here to guide you toward success.

Our Values

Progress over perfection

At Syntasso, it's okay to start imperfectly, as long as we're committed to moving forward and continuously improving along the way. This value celebrates the journey of growth and development, recognizing that each step forward brings us closer to our aspirations, even if we haven't reached perfection.

Be kind and candid

Together, these values encourage a balance between honesty and empathy. It reminds us that while it's important to speak truthfully and authentically, it's equally crucial to do so with sensitivity and consideration for others' feelings.

Diversity is valuable

This value serves as a reminder that diversity is not just a checkbox to be ticked—it's a fundamental asset that drives success, fosters growth, and enriches Syntasso. By embracing and championing diversity, we can create a more equitable, inclusive, and vibrant world for all.

Our Founders

Image by Mel Poole

With over 40 years of experience between them, Syntasso's founders believe there is a better way to build platforms. In 2021 we created Kratix to make it easy to create platforms that help your business go fasterdecrease risk and increase efficiency.

Meet the team

Our team at Syntasso is fun, vibrant, and packed with experienced people who have a breadth of experience across the best platform organizations, startups and consulting. Come meet the innovative minds behind our company and see how we're using our knowledge to change the tech industry.

Abby Bangser

Product Engineer

Abby is an international keynote speaker, co-host of the #CoffeeOps London meetup, and supports SLOConf as a global captain. Outside of work, Abby spoils her pup Zino and enjoys playing team sports.

Derik Evangelista

Product Engineer

Derik is an eclectic mix of marathon running, audio-mixing and image editing. He lives by the enduring moto: Be better.

Kate Smith

Executive Assistant

Kate enjoys adventures and new challenges, usually involving her bike. She's originally from New Zealand but now calls the UK home.

Sapphire Mason-Brown

Product Engineer

Sapphire made the transition from software engineering after a career in charity sector communications. She has since worked with platform teams to help them deploy and maintain their developer platforms.

Cat Morris

Product Manager

Cat is an avid plant enthusiast with dozens of houseplants. She also shares her home with Opal, her equally adored and often demanding feline companion.

Jake Klein

Product Engineer

Jake has over five years of experience working in the cloud platform space, starting his career working on CloudFoundry before moving onto Kubernetes. He is an aspirational golden retriever owner, fantasy football obsessor and wanna-be cyclist.

Rich Barton-Cooper

Product Engineer

Rich has been engineering for 6 years, spending time at Cisco and Duffel before joining the platform engineering world. He enjoys playing music, golf and football, and going for long country walks (via pubs).

Join Us

At Syntasso, we believe that our most valuable asset is our team. That's why we're always on the lookout for talented and driven individuals to join us. If you're interested in working with a dynamic and forward-thinking tech startup, please contact us to find out more about what career opportunities we have available.

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