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Syntasso's Platform Engineering Day impact: Boosting community and supporting Doctors without Borders

As part of our Platform Engineering Day sponsorship commitments, we’re pleased to announce that the Syntasso team has donated €1,000 to Doctors without Borders today! Thank you to everyone who joined our Kratix OSS Slack as part of this program. We look forward to continuing the “platform as a product” conversation with you all in Slack.

Sustainable sponsorship rather than ephemeral swag

As part of the start-up sponsor package for Platform Engineering Day at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024, Syntasso was given the opportunity to provide attendee giveaways to the audience on the day.

The Syntasso team went back and forth discussing what type of giveaway might be useful or interesting. We finally agreed that we wanted to do something to grow the small community around our open-source platform framework, Kratix, as well as help the wider community.

We decided to print special edition Kratix stickers, featuring the iconic Eiffel Tower in recognition of our fabulous host city of Paris. On the back of the stickers, we provided a QR code, and for each attendee of Platform Engineering Day who joined our Kratix community slack channel, we promised to donate €10 to Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF).

MSF is an international humanitarian organisation providing medical care in more than 70 countries. Their teams act fast to save people’s lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics. Since 1971, they have been treating people caught in complex crises and chronic healthcare emergencies around the world.

Thank you! And we’ll see you in the Kratix OSS Slack

We’re grateful to everyone who signed up, and we’re pleased to confirm that we have made a donation of €1,000 today. Thank you to everyone who attended Platform Engineering Day and we’re looking forward to great community engagement in the Kratix OSS Slack channel.

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