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Syntasso Sees Growing Traction For Platform Maturity And Demand For Effective Internal Developer Platforms

The Platform Engineering maturity model, published by the TAG App Delivery Platforms Working Group at KubeCon in Chicago last year, has been well received across the platform engineering community. Originally drafted by the team at Syntasso and subsequently developed by the Platforms Working Group under the stewardship of Abby Bangser, Principal Engineer at Syntasso, this model has quickly become a cornerstone in the platform engineering community.

Organisations worldwide are embracing the Platform Engineering maturity model to assess and enhance their internal platforms, driving incremental change and propelling them towards greater maturity and efficiency.

Recognising the growing need for a nexus for platform engineers to exchange ideas and best practices, Syntasso, in partnership with Dynatrace, submitted the proposal for a Platform Engineering colocated day at KubeCon Paris 2024. The CNCF's acceptance of this proposal and the large number of submissions to the Call for Proposals underscores the industry's hunger for collaboration and knowledge-sharing in this crucial domain.

"We are thrilled to spearhead the Platform Engineering day at KubeCon Paris," remarked Paula Kennedy, COO at Syntasso. "Our goal is to shift the conversation from tool-centric approaches to a deeper exploration of the sociotechnical elements and practices essential for the success of internal platforms."

The event's lineup promises an engaging array of end user stories and case studies, highlighting real-world applications and fostering dialogue around key challenges and opportunities in platform engineering. Organisations are looking for ways to ensure their internal platforms are effective and efficient, and this event will provide an opportunity to explore these topics.

In addition to its contributions to the CNCF community, Syntasso has further solidified its commitment to open-source and innovation by recently joining both the CNCF and FINOS as a Silver member. This strategic move underscores Syntasso's dedication to supporting and enriching these vital communities.

For more information on Syntasso's involvement in platform engineering innovation and how we are seeking to solve challenges in the platform engineering space, visit

About Syntasso:

Syntasso is the creator of Kratix: the open-source framework for building composable internal developer platforms (IDPs) that enable platform engineers to provide a great self-service developer experience, incorporate key business processes, and effectively manage Day 2 requirements.

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