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At Syntasso, we are veterans in the business of internal platforms.

We have released Kratix, a framework that helps organisations build and extend their platforms. We want to evolve Kratix in a way that best suits real users.

Want expert help?

We’re looking for a design partner who wants to work with us
and who will use Kratix to deliver their internal platform.

Outcomes for you


Your platform

We will pair with you to design, build, and release your internal platform using Kratix.


Your services

We will pair with you to design, build, and release your most valuable services.


Your features

We will evolve Kratix in direct response to the needs of your platform.

Our ideal design partner

To make this partnership as productive as possible, we need a few things to be true.

​For product compatibility, you'd be using Kubernetes to provide services of any kind to more than one application development team.

For collaboration, you'd be open to sharing ideas for improvements to Kratix and to your platform.

For timing, you'd be spending time now (or very soon!) actively building or changing your platform.

Meeting where you are

Maybe you already have a self-service platform, or maybe you are just getting started. Maybe you already have a mix of internal and external services, or maybe you know what you need to offer but you don’t have a service yet.

​We have worked with platform organisations at every stage of their journey. We can meet you wherever you are.


Want to chat about being our design partner? Please do get in touch!

Learn more about us

The Product: Kratix

Get started with the Kratix documentation

Read about the value Kratix brings to an organisation and how it compares to what else is out there 

Try things out with Kratix guides

The Team: Syntasso

We're the company behind Kratix.

Our leadership team has decades of experience with platforms at Pivotal and VMware in roles such as Chief Technologist, CTO for Cloud, Senior Director of Platform Services, and Director of Engineering.

The philosophy

Crossing the Platform Gap:
What is a platform team, and why is it important to an organisation? 

Platform Golden Paths:
Theory behind platform teams and golden paths, and how Kratix helps organisations evolve their platform in ways that best serve their users.

Our entire team has worked on and delivered platforms in startups, scale-ups, and global organisations.

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