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Syntasso Joins FINOS to Support Open Collaboration in Financial Services

We're delighted to announce that Syntasso is one of six new members announced yesterday as the latest organisations to join FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation. Along with other new members BlackRock, Microsoft, Publicis Sapient, Tidelift and TradeHeader, we're excited to join this thriving ecosystem under the Linux Foundation umbrella. See the full announcement here.

Benefits of Syntasso Joining FINOS

Syntasso's membership in FINOS brings several benefits to both the company and the open-source community. By joining forces with other industry leaders, Syntasso can leverage the collective expertise and resources to enhance its software offerings.

Additionally, Syntasso's participation in FINOS allows it to contribute to the development of open-source projects, driving innovation and collaboration in the financial services sector.

“Syntasso is excited to be joining FINOS as we are strong supporters of open-source collaboration as a driving force for innovation. Our team has worked with many large, financial organisations struggling to solve common challenges and we believe that growing a shared, open, ecosystem with participation across organisations within the sector will drive solutions and benefits for all. We're keen to contribute the benefits of our experience working in this field for a large number of years and help drive cutting-edge ideas and solutions to support transformation within the industry”. - Paula Kennedy, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Syntasso

Future Outlook and Impact

Syntasso's membership in FINOS marks an important milestone in the company's journey. By actively participating in the open-source community, Syntasso aims to make a significant impact by promoting transparency, interoperability, and innovation.

The company's expertise in platform engineering, combined with the collaborative efforts of FINOS, has the potential to revolutionise the financial services sector and empower organisations with advanced technology solutions and software practices.


About Syntasso

Syntasso is the creator of Kratix: the open-source framework for building composable internal developer platforms (IDPs) that enable platform engineers to provide a great self-service developer experience, incorporate key business processes, and effectively manage Day 2 requirements.

About FINOS: The Fintech Open Source Foundation

FINOS (The Fintech Open Source Foundation) is a nonprofit whose mission is to foster the adoption of open source, open standards and collaborative software development practices in financial services. It is the centre for open source developers and the financial services industry to build new technology projects that have a lasting impact on business operations. As a regulatory compliant platform, the foundation enables developers from these competing organisations to collaborate on projects. It has enabled codebase contributions from both the buy- and sell-side firms and counts over 50 major financial institutions, fintechs and technology consultancies as part of its membership. FINOS is also part of the Linux Foundation, the largest shared technology organisation in the world.

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