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Kratix Releases Promise Marketplace

Kratix, the open source framework for building internal platforms, has released a marketplace of community Promises. These Promises are the building blocks that enable platform teams to compose their platform and offer capabilities on-demand to their platform users.

Thanks to the many platform teams and organisations that have given us feedback on the services that their platform users need, we've released this first set of community Promises. And we've got more to come so watch this space!

To try these out, follow our quick-start to install Kratix and then choose some Promises to install. If there is a service or capability that your platform needs to provide and you don't see it here, why not write the Promise yourself? Our handy guide has all the information on how to do it.

Or if you're already a Kratix user, and have written your own Promises, or extended Promises, please share your Promises to the marketplace, so others can benefit.

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