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Congratulations to Syntassians Abby Bangser and Paula Kennedy for Becoming CNCF Ambassadors!

The latest batch of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Ambassadors have been announced, and we’re super excited that two Syntassians, the awesome Abby Bangser and the phenomenal Paula Kennedy, have been included!

Chop wood, carry water, co-author platform maturity models

Abby Bangser generally needs no introduction in the world of cloud native. She was a co-lead on the recently published CNCF TAG App Delivery Platform Engineering Maturity Model and CNCF Platforms White Paper. Abby is also a frequent speaker at local cloud meetups, Kubernetes Community Days, and KubeCons, and has long been active in the CNCF community.

Over the past decade, Abby has been involved with several tech communities and initiatives, notably contributing to discussions and content around continuous delivery, monitoring, and the effective use of cloud infrastructure to improve system reliability and developer workflows.

She strongly advocates ensuring developers have access to everything-as-a-service (XaaS) within platforms. Her work often intersects with fostering better collaboration between development and operations teams to achieve more resilient and scalable software systems.

Abby annouces her acceptance as a CNCF Ambassador on LinkedIn
Abby annouces her acceptance as a CNCF Ambassador on LinkedIn

Conferences: the heart of the cloud native community

Paula Kennedy is an ever-present leader in the London cloud native conference scene. She has been co-organising Kubernetes Community Day (KCD) London since 2021 and hosted the inaugural Platform Engineering Day at KubeCon EU Paris this year. Paula has also been involved in running multiple international events and has been the steward of the London Platform User Group (LoPUG) for over a decade. 

Paula frequently guides teams and organizations in effectively adopting cloud-native technologies and platforms, with a focus on treating “platforms as products.” She has worked across a range of industries, from banking to e-commerce, and recently spearheaded Syntasso joining the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS).

Paula is known for her ability to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to a broader audience, contributing significantly to the growth and adoption of cloud-native practices in the tech community.

Paula annouces her acceptance as a CNCF Ambassador on LinkedIn
Paula annouces her acceptance as a CNCF Ambassador on LinkedIn

Congratulations to all of the new CNCF Ambassadors!

The entire Syntasso team is stoked to see Abby and Paula join the amazing group of CNCF ambassadors. We would like to extend our congratulations to them and everyone who was recently recognised as a CNCF Ambassador.

If you want to chat with Abby or Paula, you can find them in the CNCF Slack and the open source Kratix Slack. Come and say hello and congratulations!

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