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  • Paula Kennedy

The 12 Platform Challenges of Christmas

Platform Engineering is generating quite the buzz these days. In particular, there seems to be a lot of chat about what it is not. Or how it is replacing the bad experiences of before. But in all the discussion about what tools to use and what practices to discard, we wanted to provide some insights into how we have tackled the problems platform engineers are facing on the ground each day.

In celebration of the 12 days of Christmas, we’ve set ourselves the challenge of posting one blog each day, starting 25th December 2022 and finishing on 5th January 2023. We will be sharing our experience tackling the following 12 challenges we have seen across platform teams of all shapes and sizes when delivering highly valuable and sustainable platform products for internal teams:

  1. A Small Team Supporting a Big Platform

  2. Time Pressure Makes a Full Platform Rewrite Unlikely

  3. You Can’t Buy What Only You Need

  4. Cognitive Load Has Shifted to Your Team

  5. Not All Service Experts Are on the Platform Team

  6. Codifying Your Business

  7. Maintaining Consistency Across Software Teams

  8. Enabling High Performing Teams to Safely Stretch Beyond Platform Defaults

  9. App Teams Need to Learn Platform Tools

  10. Not All Services Are on Kubernetes

  11. Scaling the Platform Beyond a Single Kubernetes Cluster

  12. Managing a Multi-cloud Platform

If these sound interesting, then watch this space and enjoy following the 12 Platform Challenges of Christmas with us. 🎄

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