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Unleash added to Kratix Marketplace

Kratix is excited to announce the latest addition to our marketplace Unleash, a tool for feature flag management. With the addition of Unleash, our Promise marketplace now offers more than 25 capabilities to help platform teams deliver software customised to their organisation, on demand for their users.

Feature flags are a key part of high-quality software delivery. They allow developers to control the release of new features or functionality to specific users or user groups. This ensures that the new features are tested thoroughly before they are released to a wider audience. With Unleash, you can manage your feature flags easily and efficiently.

Unleash is the first feature flag tool in the marketplace, and is the perfect addition to our collection. Unleash provides a free and open-source offering to get started, along with additional supported plans that offer hosting and self-hosting options. This means you can choose the option that works best for you and your team.

Kratix is committed to making designing and providing a platform easier by helping platform teams deliver software customised to their organisation on demand for their users (the application developers). With Unleash, we're taking another step towards that goal.

The new Unleash Promise provides self-hosted servers on demand backed by a Postgres database. Additional Promises can be easily extended to offer admin capabilities such as on demand project creation that is customised to your business needs. This means you can focus on your core business while we take care of the technical details.

To learn more about Unleash and its capabilities, we invite you to register for the live stream hosted by Unleash on June 6th. We're excited to bring this powerful tool to our marketplace that helps deliver high-quality software to your users.

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