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Image by Mel Poole

Kratix is a framework for building Platform-as-a-Product

Kratix enables platform teams to easily deliver a curated Kubernetes-native platform API, over fleets of Kubernetes clusters, to increase flow across your organisation. 


A Platform Team can

Curate a bespoke platform API to offer a compelling Platform-as-a-Product.

Codify their organisation's policies and opinions (security, compliance, etc) into their as-a-Service software supply chain.

Start small on a laptop and expand to multi-team multi-cluster multi-region multi-cloud with a consistent API everywhere.

Provide usable on-demand services composed from lower-level Kubernetes "operators".

Use familiar Kubernetes tools and native constructs.

Discover and share on-demand  multi-cluster software (Promises) with the Kratix ecosystem.

A Stream-Aligned / Application Team can:

Discover and consume the services in their organisation on-demand using standard Kubernetes APIs.

Consume as-a-Service from the platform, safe in the knowledge that the service is fit for purpose in their organisation.

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