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How We Help

If you're...

  • Growing a platform team to build a Platform-as-a-Product for your organisation

  • Aware that Kubernetes delivers commodity building blocks for platforms, but is not the end goal

  • Building a collaborative culture where your platform team sees your application teams as their customers

  • Enabling productivity, efficiency, and security for your application teams via self-service platform APIs

  • Feeling the pain of manual remediation and fire-fighting just to keep the lights on

....we'd like to help you on your journey. Contact us using this form to book a free one-hour consultation with our team.

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If you're looking for a lightweight accelerator to kickstart your journey towards running your internal Platform-as-a-Product, why not try our accelerator package?


The Syntasso Team will work with you to review your current internal platform and processes, working with your application and platform teams to identify pain points, blockers, and opportunities. Armed with this knowledge, we'll work with your teams to drive collaboration and progress towards a sustainable Platform-as-a-Product model.

What's included?
Design workshops
3 days
Facilitated Inceptions / Iteration Planning / Retros
As required
Pair Program with Syntasso engineer on prioritised backlog
10 days
Provide executive summary and report to stakeholders
2 days
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